The Charlie Bravo Group was brought from concept to form by a core of Industry Sales and Technical professional that have recognized a paradigm shift in our clients wants and needs. Our core staff bring several decades of real-world, hands-on and practical industry experience to every task we undertake.

When computers first entered the business model they were wonderful, mystical, complex and expensive. They were the domain of the special and always shrouded in mystery. At that time, the industry was all about "the box" How many boxes could be sold, moved, delivered. More boxes, bigger boxes, box, box, box. Somewhere, quite unintentionally, the client was forgotten in this process.

Times have changed. The "box" will always exist and it still plays a large part in what computers are all about but they are no longer special, mystical or complex. They've just become another tool in your arsenal of doing business. It has become clear that the "process and ability of doing business" is what is most important and having your computers, your networks, your servers and yes, your users, all working together to get the job done as a whole is eminently more important than just the "box".

The Charlie Bravo Group is a company that has recognized that just pushing boxes is not the answer. Don't get us wrong, we still sell "boxes" but as part of our Client's solutions. We help our Client's identify their problems, work with their team to develop strategies to deal with those problems and then we put those plans into action.